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Yoga 5 pieces of training equipment

Yoga 5 pieces of training equipment

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Product name: 5 pieces of training equipment
Color: pink, purple, blue
Material: TPE, rubber, latex, foam, polyester cotton
1 yoga block 23 * 15 * 7.6 cm
1 yoga ball 25 cm
1 piece of figure 8 elastic band 40 * 15cm
1 piece of yoga towel 1500 * 150 * 0.35mm
1 resistance band 183 * 3.8 cm
1. It can be used for yoga, fitness, training and various other sports.
2. They are small in size and easy to transport. You can use them in the office or gym.
3. They can improve your muscle endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.
4. They can be used for bodybuilding and fat burning, and can also be used for injury recovery, very suitable for beginners and experts.

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