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Ice Cream Simulation Summer Double Cool Quilt Office Nap

Ice Cream Simulation Summer Double Cool Quilt Office Nap

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Product Information:
Printing and dyeing process: digital printing
Main ingredient content of fabric: 100
Fabric sub-component: polyester fiber (polyester)
Main ingredient content of filler: 100
Filler secondary component: polyester fiber (polyester)
Quilt weight: less than 1 kg
Weaving process: sanding, digital printing
Fabric material: polyester cotton
Flower type: ice cream 92V, cantaloupe 9CG, durian 9AO, green apple 9AR, ice cream sundae 9AS, avocado 9CL, abalone 9AN, popcorn 9BN, watermelon 9CH, pig's hoof 9DK, salmon 9AK, salmon 9AL, papaya 9CB, banana 9DM , Beer 9CR, fruit smoothie 9CJ, steak 9BT, grape 9BM, sesame bread 9CC, golden melon 9CT, roast chicken 9CN, big crab 9AQ, crayfish 9CO, green pepper 9CM, cabbage 7CR, potato seed 9BU, cake 9CI, crab claws 92T, Pisces 9AM
Dimensions: 80*115,110*150,170*230,220*235
Filler: polyester fiber

Packing List:
Cotton air conditioning quilt x1

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